“Beautiful place! Plenty of parking, great classes, hot hot hot workouts! I’ve done weightlifting, crossfit, barre, spin and cardio in the gym. I ski, snowshoe, walk, hike, paddleboard and bike…but I’ve never stuck with yoga. I’m too antsy to sit and be still, so these classes are PERFECT for me! A workout AND the added benefit of stretching, strengthening and elongating my muscles. At 56 I am finally finding my flexibility. I love my time spent here, and highly recommend you check it out. Buti is amazing, so freeing and energizing, and the power yoga is just that…power yoga! I can’t say enough about it, come give it a try!”
– Candi Greenwood Hogan

“Joined when I noticed my balance waning and my waistline growing. My balance has returned, my back issues have gone away and I’ve lost over ten pounds. The staff, music and energy is fantastic! Namaste”
– Laurie Forest LeMay

“July 1, 2018. So Happy and grateful that I had my first post total knee replacement hot yoga class today at Soleil. Heartfelt thanks to Lisa for making me feel welcome and comfortable despite my limitations. It was an awesome class and the best medicine for me!”
– Rose Holz 

“I signed up with my neighbor not realizing it was hot yoga. I was nervous but followed through. I’m hooked now. It is a wonderful environment with great supportive people. Give it a try!”
– Sarah McPeak 

“So I just recently joined with one of my very close friends. I was shocked at how amazing this place really is!! I have already noticed a complete difference in my balance and strength. The Buti classes with Erin are amazing and the hot yoga classes with Holly are so energetic! I found my love for yoga here. Plus, this is so addicting that you constantly go back for more!!!”
– Lynsey Leach 

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