Join us for a special Halloween Boo-ti Glow Event!
This event will be similar to our previous Buti Glow events, however, Halloween is the theme! We are going to get as spooky as we wanna be! Get into the spirit of Halloween in our spooky studio!
Don’t be afraid, just glow with the flow and have the best time ever, while getting a kick butt work out!
This event is for ages 15 and up.
Description: Buti Yoga is a calorie scorching, high energy fusion of yoga, strength, & plyometrics , done to a bass bumping playlist of Hip Hop, EDM, and R&B! It’s definitely not your typical yoga class!
We start by getting in touch with our creative side (2nd Chakra!) by decorating our bodies with special UV paint (totally safe and washes off easily.) You don’t need to have any artistic skills to make some awesome designs, as things like lines, swirls, and dots can look amazing under the lights!
When finished adorning our bodies with cool designs, we’ll head into the studio, that will be lit with blacklights. This is a unique opportunity to take some fun pics of you and your friends in your favorite yoga poses!
When ready we will shake, jump, & sweat and have probably the most fun ever had during a workout! The darkened room tends to add a sense of freedom & can unleash any inhibitions, allowing everyone to get as wild as they want to be and go hard, giving 100% to themselves, without feeling self- conscious.
WHEN: October 20, 2018 at 6:00pm – 8:00pm
COST: $ 20 (Soleil members with current auto deduct contract receive a 50% discount!)